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How to install a dayboat mooring


I have a YW dayboat in Croatia and now have permission to put in a mooring here for my boat. I’ve had a look online and there is a lot of conflicting advice, although this may be due to differing conditions.

I have a few questions below, if anyone can advise me that would be great. It will not be a swinging mooring – there will be a buoy to tie up to and then the other end of the boat will be tied to the shore. There is essentially zero tide here.

Q1) Should I;

a) sink an anchor as a permanent mooring

b) sink a block instead

c) sink an anchor with a smaller block on the same chain/rope

Q2) I understand the benefits (density) of using iron/granite over concrete but practically concrete is probably the only option here. What size of concrete block should I use? The local guy I spoke to just said fill an old car tyre and that should be enough but that doesn’t seem big enough to me.

Q3) Do I need to put reinforcing bar in the concrete block?

Q4) Most of the mooring failures I read about cite shackles as the culprit. What is the best way of connecting the ground chain to the block/anchor?

Q5) What is the minimum length of ground chain and rope I should use up to the buoy?

Q6) Infrastructure is very limited here so I am probably going to have to transport the block from the shore to the mooring point (about 20metres) using my dayboat. I’m probably going to cast a series of concrete blocks with holes in the centre and then chain them together in the shallows, as otherwise I won’t be able to move a single block. Any ideas on how to sling/lift the blocks in the shallows and then lower them in a controlled manner would be helpful.

I dived down today to look at the way my neighbours boats are moored and they differ – one uses a large block and the other uses two ropes, one connected to a grapple anchor via a block and the other one went too deep for me to see. The first one is a motor boat which is slightly larger than the dayboat and the second one is a sailing boat with a small cabin, bigger again than the motor boat.

I’ve done some sketches below of the situation as well which might help. I reckon block C for the motor boat is a cube 50cm in all directions.









Advice on how to fix wooden deck so I can get in the water..?

I brought out LizzyAnne DB199 to Croatia a few years ago and although I’ve had some good sailing she now needs to be re-decked before I launch her.

I am not looking for a pristine finish, I just want her to be OK and get her in the water so I can sail. The problem is she is stored outside and each winter has suffered from the weather, losing another layer of ply. The hull is fine for this year, just another coat of paint.

Although I’m fairly handy with tools I’m a novice when it comes to boat renovation so any advice/pointers to good books would be appreciated.