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How to install a dayboat mooring


I have a YW dayboat in Croatia and now have permission to put in a mooring here for my boat. I’ve had a look online and there is a lot of conflicting advice, although this may be due to differing conditions.

I have a few questions below, if anyone can advise me that would be great. It will not be a swinging mooring – there will be a buoy to tie up to and then the other end of the boat will be tied to the shore. There is essentially zero tide here.

Q1) Should I;

a) sink an anchor as a permanent mooring

b) sink a block instead

c) sink an anchor with a smaller block on the same chain/rope

Q2) I understand the benefits (density) of using iron/granite over concrete but practically concrete is probably the only option here. What size of concrete block should I use? The local guy I spoke to just said fill an old car tyre and that should be enough but that doesn’t seem big enough to me.

Q3) Do I need to put reinforcing bar in the concrete block?

Q4) Most of the mooring failures I read about cite shackles as the culprit. What is the best way of connecting the ground chain to the block/anchor?

Q5) What is the minimum length of ground chain and rope I should use up to the buoy?

Q6) Infrastructure is very limited here so I am probably going to have to transport the block from the shore to the mooring point (about 20metres) using my dayboat. I’m probably going to cast a series of concrete blocks with holes in the centre and then chain them together in the shallows, as otherwise I won’t be able to move a single block. Any ideas on how to sling/lift the blocks in the shallows and then lower them in a controlled manner would be helpful.

I dived down today to look at the way my neighbours boats are moored and they differ – one uses a large block and the other uses two ropes, one connected to a grapple anchor via a block and the other one went too deep for me to see. The first one is a motor boat which is slightly larger than the dayboat and the second one is a sailing boat with a small cabin, bigger again than the motor boat.

I’ve done some sketches below of the situation as well which might help. I reckon block C for the motor boat is a cube 50cm in all directions.