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July 23, 2017

DB Notes – Summer 2017 issue

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This fine issue contains reports of three Open Meetings and Dayboat Week at Falmouth all run this year. With only the Gravesend Open on 12/13 August still to come this means there will be plenty of room in the next issue for cruising reports!

Once again thanks to Kath Davis, who time after time produces a great read.

Here it is (just click here)

January 8, 2016

New Year DB Notes

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The December issue created by Kath Davis is full of items to encourage you to get the most out of your DB Year. Here it is

January 4, 2015

DB Notes for the start of 2015

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Kath Davis has produced a fine issue containing a wealth of information, some of which yoy really need to know and some of real interest. AND advance notice of the important DB Week survey that will be hitting your mail box any time now.

It can found here or from the main menu above and selecting MEMBERS & USERS > DOCUMENTS (Yes, you do have to log in but its well worth it!)

August 9, 2014

DB Notes – July 2014

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The highlights of this fine issue from Kath Davis’s computer are personal accounts of a vintage DB Week at Rock. And it was not all racing either! Here’s the link

January 10, 2014

DB Notes – December 2013

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Another sparkling issue from our editor, Kath Davis

DB Notes December 2103

August 23, 2013

DB Notes – July 2013

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Here is another of Kath Davis’s splendid issues. DB Notes July 2103

January 15, 2013

DB Notes – December 2012

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DB Notes needs a numbering system so that we may know how many magnificent editions Kath Davis has produced for us! Here is another

Those who know the Young family will realise that Don and Nigel have been transposed in Nigel’s report from Ireland.

July 29, 2012

DB Notes – July 2012

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Kath Davis, the editor, maintains her high standards with this colourful issue which contains an important bulletin on the proposal to replace the existing association hull mould, which is worn out. Please do read this. DB Notes – July 2012


December 19, 2011

DB Notes December 2011

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A fine colour edition of DB Notes achieved by a lot of hard work by Kath and Bob Davis. Click here to view it.

Content includes colourful accounts of  the Open Meetings at Poole and Gravesend together with Sally Hewitt’s account of DB Week at Castle Cove, Weymouth.

January 1, 2011

DB Notes December 2010

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A 16 page full colour edition with plenty to enjoy here although be aware it is over 3 MgB in size

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