Displaying our boat at exhibitions and on the water

Contacts – Bob Davis and Sally Hewitt.
Alexandra Palace RYA Dinghy Show:
This should be an on-going commitment with the aim of raising brand awareness and showing off the boat’s versatility.
updated literature.
some new photographs including photograph of tent and cruising/family situations
updated slideshow
Would like:
a larger screen for 2009.
video for 2010 onwards.
Must make decision on which boat is to be exhibited ASAP.

Classic Boat Show:
date 5-7th June 2009
venue Beale Park Thames Boat Show
cost sample – 6m x 3m open space – £231(camping free!)
Ensure 2009 show is visited by some of the committee to see whether this is a suitable event to use for publicity

Investigate other sailing venues to visit with DBs.
Portland Regatta Date?
A class start is possible – If we go it must be with strength of numbers. Test for possible interest. (All committee members could canvas contacts)
Investigate invitation pursuit races at range of venues.
Attendance at these venues keeps the boat in the eye of the sailing fraternity.
Look for other possible clubs/events where the DB could be shown.

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