New opportunity for helms

At the Committee meeting held on 13th November at Bosham it was decided that the fine silver trophy donated to the Association by Sheila Anderson, 1st secretary of the Association, would be used for the following competition at DB weeks: –
Teams of two boats would be drawn at the start of Dayboat Week, consisting of a boat from the top half of the fleet (as ranked in a previous Dayboat Week points series or as assessed by the Committee ) and one from the bottom half. Although these boats would not race as a team, the faster boat would be allowed to mentor the slower boat. A trophy would be awarded to the team with best combined score in all the points series races and the helm and crew of the slower boat of the winning crew would take the trophy home.
No specific names were proposed but for now I am suggesting that the trophy should be known as the Anderson Trophy and the competition as the Opportunity Series. Other ideas welcome.
The Ladies race will continue in its existing format.

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