Discussion related to the YWDB Association moulds and the building of new boats

Contact– Pete Hewitt and Phil Lokier

The deck mould is in poor condition. The meeting agreed the replacement of this mould should be a priority.

A revised deck layout could provide the following advantages:
Simplify building / assembly.
Provide more internal space for family sailing by reducing the overall width of the side decks.
Enhance the appearance of a “Classic” dayboat.

Other factors:
More modern boats have the deck/hull joint designed to simplify assembly. We should check if this can be achieved using the existing hull mould given that this will also need to be replaced at some point.
Chris Somner builds racing dinghies and we may have to work hard to get a “classic” boat.

New boats
Cost of a new boat is unlikely to reduce significantly. We will not get a cheap Dayboat.
New boats now only bought by people who already own a Dayboat. (655 was mentioned but this is an exception).

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