So the DB originated at Parkstone YC !

Having been kindly sent a copy of George O’Brien Kennedy’s autobiography – Not All at Sea published by Morrigan – by his son, Shane, I was intrigued to read the following on page 120: –

Perhaps the most interesting boat I designed and built in 1939 was ‘Fuss. The origin of the design was her commissioning by an architect, a member of the Parkstone Yacht Club. He had the idea of starting a smaller and cheaper class of dinghy than the Dolphins, the sixteen footers which were already a strong class in the harbour.

The suggestion was greeted with considerable antagonism, particularly in the Parkstone Yacht Club, and caused such a kefuffle that my client named her ‘FUSS’ on launch. Fuss quickly proved herself in handicap racing but the world situation was such that she was the only boat built to the design before the war. Post-war boats to the ‘Fuss’ design became one design classes in several places under different names. Principally the IDRA 14’s in Ireland, Waldringfield Dragonflies in Essex and REB 14 footers in Durban in Natal

Her near relation, the Yachting World Day Boat is in many places. Basically Fuss was a clench built International 14 but much heavier and with reduced sail area.”

I wonder what became of Fuss?

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