Recent changes on the web site

I have made some changes to make the web site easier to use and, hopefully, more responsive. The changes include:

1. New menu and menu items for MEMBERS and USERS which should make it clear what additional facilities and data tables are available to members of the YWDB Association who register on the database side of the web site. Immediately on registration they become ‘Users’ of the site and thus can add and change buy and sell data. Once the webmaster has upgraded the newly registered association member to ‘Member’ status on the website the full membership list is available to that person.

Registered members can also upload documents to document archive.

2. Updated HELP menu items

3. Anyone can now comment on posts. All they have to do is enter their name and email with the comment and complete the arithmetical CAPTCHA

4. Anyone wishing to post an article on the main part of the web site is requested to use the Contact Webmaster menu option to request the necessary registration details for the Forum part of the web site which is distinct from the Members and Users registration.

Tim Parkinson


4 thoughts on “Recent changes on the web site

  1. Chris Jennings

    Hi Tim
    I am trying to get into the web page so l can look at boats for sale. It says my email address is registered but l do not know my user name, any suggestion


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