The Yachting World Dayboat Website

Welcome to the official website of the Yachting World Dayboat Association whose primary aim is to support owners of existing boats get the maximum pleasure from their ownership wherever they sail, race or cruise.

The Yachting World Dayboat (henceforth DB) itself is a classic dinghy which blends stability and seaworthiness with good performance. Its length of 14ft (4.3m), beam of 5ft 8” (1.7m) and metal centre plate means it is a stable family dinghy for safe day sailing and its small foresail can be handled easily. It is ideal for a (drying) mooring but the modern combination trailers make launch, sailing and recovery a relatively straightforward activity for adults. Active racing fleets are located at Poole, Gravesend and Bosham.

This website is now set up to enable anyone with an interest in the DB to contribute ideas, stories, facts, etc together with photos. See the HELP option on the menu to see how to do this.

This site includes a great deal of archive material a large amount of which is immediately viewable and searchable. Additionally data relevant to current members is available only to them. See HELP menu option