Getting the most out of our website database

A large amount of the data held in the YWDB database is available to anyone coming to the website. Examples of this are the register of all DB built to class rules, the ownership register including historical data and, thirdly, a record racing results going back to the first National Championship in 1957. The latter two are not complete.

The INFORMATION menu option gives access to all the unrestricted data we hold on the website.

Other tables within the database are viewable by everyone and can be updated by those who register using the link on the database login screen under the MEMBERS AND USERS menu option. The prime example of this is the Boats for Sale page which can be viewed by everyone but only updated by those who have registered.

Yet more data such as the Association membership list is restricted to current members who have already registered as users of the database AND have been given the necessary rights by the website administrator.