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CupName Thumb Donor YearGiven CurrentPupose PreviousPurpose
Married Couple Trophy Mrs. Sheila Anderson 1960 From 1963 for the husband and wife crew gaining the best points total First husband and wife to finish in the Championship race
Monday The Association 1957 1973 - GSC Open trophy The "Monday" trophy.
Newton R.J.Newton 1960
Oldbury Bell 0 TSC Regatta Saturday race for DB
Petticoat Plate Sue Askew, Carol Jones & Val P 0 Best placed lady helm in the points series
Poole Points
Poole Yacht Club 0 Winner of 5th Points Race Originally awarded to Smooth Hulls from 1960 to 1969. Then Thornbury S.C. Open M More ...
Poole Y.C. Trophy Poole Yacht Club 1960 Winner of fifth scheduled points race
Quay Sails Shield Rod & Carole Brown 1984 Travellers Trophy Travellers Trophy
Reginald Sawtell Tanner Trophy D. R. Tanner, Esq. 0 Crew of the Champion Dayboat
River Severn Trophy Winner of Thornbury S C Open
C. L. Smith 1957 Outstanding feat of seamanship observed during the championship week. Outstanding feat of seamanship observed during the championship week and not nec More ...
Smartie Plate
Mrs. S. Rowntree Winner of the Crew's Race
Tanner'S Tradition Trophy Mrs. C.N. Giles 0 Best turned out traditional hull at the Championships
Tratman And Lowther Tratman And Lowther 1960 Winner of the Long Distance race
Under 15 Race @ Championship 0
Under 15 Trophy D. A. Wood, Esq. 0 Best place under 15 year old in the Cadet race
Weston Bay Weston Bay Yacht Club 0 Championship Trophy
Weston Bay Yacht Club Trophy Sheila Anderson 2010 From 2011 awarded to mentoree of highest placed Mentor pair WBYC trophy until cessation of DB racing in club in 1965
Wooden Bowl
Best cruising account submitted in the year
Yachting World Points Trophy Group Captain E.F. Haylock, Ya 0 Champion Dayboat